About Myilly Point Heritage Precinct

The four houses making up the Myilly Point Heritage Precinct are the last of their kind in their original locaton and
are prime examples of pre World War II Darwin architecture. This precinct represents the conclusion of a
Commonwealth Government policy for an 'approved housing scheme' for high-ranking government ofcers,
originally formulated under the frst major town planning scheme of the early 1930s.The creatve talents of the
architect B.C.G. Burnet were to change the face of Darwin. Burnet designed a series of homes adapted to the
climatc conditons of the Top End, which included the use of lightweight materials and natural ventlaton. The
houses have had contnuous use as housing from their date of constructon, are the best surviving examples of
B.C.G. Burnet's work.Entry is via a gold coin donaton.Burnet House is open for high tea every Sunday (charge
applies), please contact the Natonal Trust for further details.

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